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About Us

The Greater Washington Urban League Entrepreneurship Center assists diverse communities in the Washington Metropolitan area start grow and sustain their entrepreneurial ventures and small business operations. As one of 13 entrepreneurship centers across the county operated by the National Urban League, we provide management counseling, mentoring and training services geared toward the development of management skills enabling minority entrepreneurs to obtain financing and/or contracts that support job creation and preservation.

Our goal is to provide solid technical support to aid minority entrepreneurs to start businesses with higher survival rates, assist existing small businesses break into new markets and higher growth, and help create and sustain a small business/entrepreneur community that is diverse, competitive and profitable.

The Entrepreneurship Center enlists local business mentors to help entrepreneurs develop skills. Our center also makes appropriate referrals to local resources that provide management and technical assistance in the areas such as idea development, operations management, business plan development, marketing, procurement, and financing.

We are funded in part through the generous contributions of the National Urban League, Wells Fargo Bank, BB&T Bank, and Capital One Bank.

District of Columbia Small Business Development Center Partnership (DCSBDC)

The Greater Washington Urban League is now an official partner with the DCSBDC network. Through this partnership, our organization seeks to provide greater depth to counseling services that are developed for business concerns in the nation’s capitol.

The District of Columbia SBDC network is the only Districtwide, nationally accredited program that provides high-quality one-on-one consulting, training and information resources to empower new and existing businesses. DCSBDC consultants work with entrepreneurs in confidential, individualized sessions to help them with a range of business issues including testing a new business proposition, shaping a business plan, investigating funding opportunities, and much more.