The Entrepreneurship Center Program Team

Start-up Training Detail

Start-up Training Overview

Start. Grow. Sustain.

Whether you are exploring becoming an entrepreneur, a start-up, or an existing business, we can provide the technical assistance and business coaching that you need to guide your business to success.

Program Features

  • Track 1 - Start It!

    • Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or starting a new venture? Explore the fundamentals of starting a business.

      • Develop your business idea
      • Write a business plan
      • Review license or registration requirements
      • Understand key business financials
      • Learn basic marketing and branding strategies
  • Track 2 - Grow It!

    • Need to jumpstart your business? Get the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

      • Strengthen your business plan and operations
      • Develop your marketing and branding
      • Integrate business technology
      • Obtain business certifications
  • Track 3 - Fund It!

    • Need access to capital? Find out how to finance your business.

      • Explore various funding options
      • Manage your cash flow
      • Prepare for investors
      • Conduct a business valuation
  • Track 4 - Expand It!

    • Ready to offer new services or products? Learn how to identify new customer markets and increase your sales footprint.

      • Diversify your product or service
      • Prepare to bid on government contracts
      • Grow your business online
      • Consider opening a new location
  • Track 5 - Sell It!

    • Is it time to sell your business? Get information about developing an exit strategy and what you should know before you sell.

      • Choose the right time to sell
      • Prepare your business to be sold
      • Evaluate current market conditions
      • Conduct a business valuation
      • Create a viable succession plan

How to Enroll

To register for the program, please complete the Entrepreneurship Center Program intake application. For questions about this program, enrollment requirements, or similar inquiries, please email us at