The Entrepreneurship Center Program Team

Executive Mentoring Detail

Executive Mentoring Overview

Professional Guidance Through Mentorship.

The Business Mentoring Program can assist you with customized coaching tailored to your specific goals and concerns. Business leaders from a cross-section of industries with a range of experience are selected to provide the keen insight and knowledge needed to build your business. The program is designed to support small and medium-sized companies that meet specific criteria which includes:

  • Enrolling in the ECP program
  • Attending at least six (6) ECP training sessions within a 60 day period
  • Having a draft or working version of business plan
  • Having a registered business entity within the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County MD, or Montgomery County MD
  • Obtaining a written nomination by an ECP business specialist/counselor or recognized resource partner (you may not self-nominate)
  • Having a business in active operation for at least 2 years
  • Supplying financials for the most recent two years and other relevant documentation
  • Adhering to an agreed-upon program schedule, which includes meetings, training sessions, and other required activities
  • Submiting a complete application packet by the application deadline, including one page essay on how a mentor would benefit your business’ development and growth

Program Features

  • One-On-One Counseling

    • When you register for the ECP program, in addition to free training sessions, you will be paired with one of our business specialists to work with you to address the specific needs of your business.

  • Resource Referrals

    • The ECP serves as a conduit between entrepreneurs and local government agencies, resource organizations, and other entities that are essential to business development.

How to Enroll

To register for the program, please complete the Entrepreneurship Center Program intake application. For questions about this program, enrollment requirements, or similar inquiries, please email us at